What’s Inspected

We inspect beyond the ASHI and State Licensing Standards.  Typical Systems & Components are evaluated for function and condition; all for one fee.  Fees are based on age of the building and the TOTAL under roof square footage.

*Structure and Foundation
*Heating and Cooling
*Insulation & Ventilation
*Roof Drainage System
*Chimneys & Skylights
*Floors and Framing
*Roof and Attic
*Electrical System
*Plumbing system
*Steps and Railings
*Decks, Balconies & Stairs
*Windows and Doors


Sometimes there are additional systems that are attached to or adjacent to the building.  These systems can also be evaluated for an additional fee.

*Swimming Pool and Equipment
*Heat Recovery Units
*Solar Water Heaters
*Seawalls and Boat docks
*Termite Damage & Repair
*Code Compliance
*Chinese Drywall
*Solar Panels
*Well systems
*Wind Mitigation
*Detached Building Inspections
*Four Point Insurance Inspections


The Value:

    The Report, oral conference and telephone support are all part of the service provided. Long after a Straight inspection is completed, the Report retains its value and usefulness, often saving the homeowner or buyer thousands of dollars. It is an investment that pays for itself over and over again. All homes have strong and weak points, and they are not always, what they seem. Gain the insight, perspective, and sound information you need to make better decisions with a Straight inspection. In order to get the best value from the inspection, be sure the utilities are on and access to the house is available. Budget about two to three hours to accompany the inspection process and oral conference on how to use the Inspection Report.