How does it work?

New construction inspections are typically done in phases. As many as twenty-five to as little as one inspection can be done. It depends on what the home buyer wants and what the budget can afford.

The most common new construction inspection is the 3-phase. That encompasses the building footprint layout & slab, the pre-drywall installation, and the final walk through. In addition we can, if needed, slip in a single item inspection at a reduced fee, between those bench marks.

I have a lot of experience looking at new homes as I was a contractor during the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Call me as there is no obligation in having a conversation.

The Pre-drywall Inspection

This checks the framing, walls, rough-ins of plumbing & electric & HVAC, proper anchoring of trusses, roof sheathing, roofing if present, windows & doors, siding, etc.

The Slab/Foundation Inspection

This checks the building footprint, steel placement, stub-outs of plumbing & electric, proper compacting of soil, proper placement of barriers & soil treatment, etc.

The Final

This is the culmination of the process where we check for installations of systems and components, appliances, tile work, any & all finishes that reflect the quality of work.